Knowledge Base Management Enables Contact Center Continuity

Knowledge based management empowers employees and customers ensuring seamless experience

There’s no denying COVID-19 brought the world to its knees. It also exposed several vulnerabilities in business operations of every kind. With lockdowns across most parts of the world, coupled with social distancing, disruption of services has been a natural fall out. However, as any business owner will attest, the need for a communication path with both employees and customers is essential. These are times when customers will want answers, and your employees will need access to information to facilitate this. When knowledge silos remain isolated or accessible to only a few employees, it creates obstacles in operational flow.

Contact centers dealing with a steady flow of customer queries have been especially hard hit by these disruptions – particularly those that have not made the vital technology upgrades to digital support – which have taken the form of large call volume spikes, long wait times, higher abandon rates and, ultimately, customer churn. All this leads to loss of revenue in an already tenuous situation which is exacerbated by lower staff attendance, routing of calls for remote handling and the rescheduling of agent work timings to imitate a regular scenario. During times like these, can a good knowledge base management system enable better contact center continuity? We take a look:

The Flexibility of Cloud-Based Knowledge-As-A-Service

The benefits of having switched to Cloud services is visible now more than ever. Cloud-based knowledge-as-a-service is going to help distribute information through a wide range of channels in real time. This will help in dealing quickly with customer queries. From the employee perspective, it helps those working remotely, on a range of devices, to function seamlessly. It also helps in the on-boarding of new staff, or speeding up the process of orientation for staff brought in from other departments. Drawing content from multiple sources and creating curated silos of information will help contact centers remain proactive – both from a consumer perspective as well as the client perspective. This enables continuity in the work process.

Reduction in Operational Costs and Improvement in Productivity

With Cloud-based knowledge management systems, a company will be able to spend a lesser amount of time in recreating and sharing existing knowledge. Information that is well curated and easily accessible will reduce the amount of internal communication needed for clarifications. There will be fewer mistakes when information is easily accessed by those in the contact center and informed decisions can be made quickly when facing a customer. This will enable a standardization of work processes increasing efficiency and continuity.

Improved Team Alignment

Good knowledge base management also helps in team and employee alignment. It allows for a systematic means of communication between all team members and helps them all work while being on the same page. The standardization of work processes ensures there is never a gap in services, even if you have new recruits come in. Such systems also help employees see how they contribute to the entire process of bringing to reality a company’s goals and this serves as a huge motivational factor. Motivated teams always ensure a steady workflow.

Enhanced Customer Experiences

This works two ways. Customer-facing knowledge is all about information needed for self-service. This allows a customer to go through your offerings without the need for live agent assistance. Any issues they may face will be resolved as they go along. This reduces redundancy while dealing with customers. The second is that good knowledge management helps your internal service and support teams, giving them a great base of information to handle all kinds of customer enquiries. These two aspects work together towards a seamless customer experience reducing the number of incidents along the way.

Enabling a Dynamic Knowledge Base

As an organization, the more knowledge based it is, the better the prospects of this growing dynamically. Teams that are given a great knowledge base are always working on how to enhance it. They look at learning new things, sharing the knowledge and its applications to better meet goals. As the base of knowledge grows, so will the abilities of your teams.

Knowledge based functioning can be the boost a contact center needs. It comes with several powerful features that increase profitability, reduce downtime and enable quick thinking. It ensures the customer is never left without a quick solution. Implementation and management of such a base can be the ideal solution for companies looking to bounce back from the fallout of Covid-19. It is also a great way to be prepared for the future.

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